Action Item: STANDards!

Join us in showing the world there is better use of Photoshop® than telling bullies it is okay to target fat kids.


If you want to take a STAND and add your picture to the growing number of people who are showing off their STANDards, then send your photo, a brief statement of what you "stand for" (or against) and any photo credits or limits to publication to (A wonderful team of volunteers are helping her get these photos processed as quickly as possible!)


Action Item: Profile Picture

Please participate by changing your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to an image such as one of those below, or another image that represents something that makes you feel good about and in your body.

Not sure what to post? How about the HAES® image created by Amanda of specifically for the New Year’s Revolution event:

By special request, we had added this image created by Pattie of for this website:

Action Item: Facebook Status

Please post one of the following messages, or something similar, on January 1 to explain your new profile picture. Consider reposting the message throughout the month of January so that it continues to capture attention.
  • I'm starting a New Year's Revolution. I've changed my profile pic to an image that inspires me to love my body and seek out Health at Every Size®, and I'm participating in the New Year's ReVolutions. Visit HAES® Inspirations for ideas. New Year's Resolutions are so often about body hate and not being good enough just as we are. Join me and spread body love, acceptance, and liberation! Change your profile pic to an image of something that makes you feel good in your own skin, and repost this message to encourage others to do the same.
  • I'm part of a New Year's Revolution. I've changed my profile pic to an image that inspires me to love my body and seek out Health at Every Size®. Change your profile pic to an image of something that makes you feel good in your own skin, and re-post this message to encourage others to do the same. For extra credit, take action to reinforce body love TODAY. Visit HAES® Inspirations for ideas to get you started!
  • We're creating a New Year's Revolution! My profile pic is an image that reminds me to love my body and screen out negative messages this month that tell me otherwise. Let's not let the diet industry tell us how we feel about our bodies, our beauty, and our worth. Instead of New Year's Resolutions this year, what is your New Year's REVOLUTION? Join the New Year's Revolution and visit HAES® Inspiration!

Action Item: Twitter Posts / #HAES® Hashtag

Please post about the New Year’s Revolution on January 1, and use the hashtag #HAES®. We hope to have #HAES® reach the top 10 most popular hashtags on New Year’s Day!

In your Twitter posts, be sure to direct people to:

The New Year’s Revolution Facebook Event


The New Year’s Revolution Resources Page

Then consider tweeting throughout the month about the positive things you are doing to reVolutionize your New Year, using the #HAES® tag with each tweet.

To show the registered trade mark, use "& reg ;" with no spaces.

Action Item: Blogging

If you have a blog, consider writing about the New Year's ReVolutions. Make sure we have your blog in our blogstream at the bottom of the page so that your entries will appear on the resources page.

If your blog is not there, contact Pattie or leave information in comments and she will add it.

If you see an article in the Fat Friendly Blogs Stream below, consider posting it on Facebook or tweeting it on Twitter. The more we support each other, the more people will be drawn to our movement.

Action Item: Add to Resources

Something missing from this page?

Either put it in the comments or send Pattie the information.

This is Resource Central! Help us make the connections.

Action Item: Follow this Website

One last way you can help that is very easy to do and will help bring our Google Search profile up is to click on the "Follow" button in the left sidebar.

You can follow via Google, FaceBook or Twitter accounts.

Also, linking to this website on your blogs and websites will also help increase visibility.


Action Item: Pass Along "Lose the Hate, Not the Weight" Press Release

So, we never are sure if there is a direct relationship, but Kellogg's announced on January 4, 2011 a new ad campaign that uses a scale suspiciously close to the YAY! scale created by Marilyn Wann. While this was an action from last year, they are at it again in 2012, so please read and respond if you choose. 

One of the ways you can spread the Revolutionary word is to pass along this press release issued today by Ms. Wann: "Lose the Hate, Not the Weight!

Action Item: Boycott ABC's "The Revolution," premiering January 16, 2012

A new daytime talk show, called The Revolution, aimed at "revolutionizing" women through weight loss and makeovers is scheduled to premier as a replacement for One Life to Live on ABC daytime television. Those of us working on this website are somewhat suspicious of 3 Ball Productions (yeah, the folks who do The Biggest Loser) titling of this show.