Action Item: Pass Along "Lose the Hate, Not the Weight" Press Release

So, we never are sure if there is a direct relationship, but Kellogg's announced on January 4, 2011 a new ad campaign that uses a scale suspiciously close to the YAY! scale created by Marilyn Wann. While this was an action from last year, they are at it again in 2012, so please read and respond if you choose. 

One of the ways you can spread the Revolutionary word is to pass along this press release issued today by Ms. Wann: "Lose the Hate, Not the Weight!

Feel free to pass along to media, to post links and to write about this on blogs. This is an opportunity to tell the diet industry that enough is enough!

If you want to send feedback to Kellogg's directly, visit this page for contact information worldwide.

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Anonymous said...

I saw that ad, and was like "Oh my God, no they didn't just use Marilyn's scale to promote weight loss!" It's by Special K, and I was all angry about it like..who do they think they are, perverting a good message of body acceptance like that!