Action Item: Boycott ABC's "The Revolution," premiering January 16, 2012

A new daytime talk show, called The Revolution, aimed at "revolutionizing" women through weight loss and makeovers is scheduled to premier as a replacement for One Life to Live on ABC daytime television. Those of us working on this website are somewhat suspicious of 3 Ball Productions (yeah, the folks who do The Biggest Loser) titling of this show.
If you look at show's logo you see a check mark for the "v" that is reminiscent of our motto: "ReVolutions not Resolutions!"

Perhaps we are too paranoid, but the premise of this show is that fat women are fat because they do not take care of themselves and that makes it not revolutionary at all. Intended to give them the kind of high quality support movie stars receive (life coaching, fashion coaching, hair and make-up, personal trainers, etc.), the show cannot escape the central message that women are empowered by how they look not who they are. In other words, this pretty package is the same old lies about the meaning of fat and weight loss in our culture.

As one of the actions this month, we ask that you let others know how bad the premise of this show is and maybe even take a moment to contact 3 Ball Productions and tell them what a bad idea this show really is.

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