Action Item: Profile Picture

Please participate by changing your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to an image such as one of those below, or another image that represents something that makes you feel good about and in your body.

Not sure what to post? How about the HAES® image created by Amanda of specifically for the New Year’s Revolution event:

By special request, we had added this image created by Pattie of for this website:

And now another alternative for your profile picture (some people are planning to rotate between these on a regular basis throughout the month, so there's an idea). Any way, here's a close-up of the flabulous Yay! Scale for your use (thanks Deb Burgard):

Another alternative submitted by Michaela Null, to Revolt!:

For instructions on how to insert a picture as your FaceBook profile, please click here. (You will need Adobe Reader to see these instructions.)

Update: Here are some buttons from Andrea F. -- email Pattie if you want her to send one to you for a profile picture OR click on the slide show and capture it for yourself.

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