Action Item: Blogging

If you have a blog, consider writing about the New Year's ReVolutions. Make sure we have your blog in our blogstream at the bottom of the page so that your entries will appear on the resources page.

If your blog is not there, contact Pattie or leave information in comments and she will add it.

If you see an article in the Fat Friendly Blogs Stream below, consider posting it on Facebook or tweeting it on Twitter. The more we support each other, the more people will be drawn to our movement.


Elizabeth Patch said...

Hi Pattie!
Please consider adding my blog to your resources. I write and illustrate all about HAES, size acceptance, positive body image and living a full wonderful life no matter what size you wear.
Happy New Year!

Princess said...

I blog about Fat Acceptance and HAES in German. My blog is called 'Headless Fatties Inc.', and you can find it at

Michelle said...

Will you please add Fat Social Worker? I plan on addressing HAES issues in a social work context throughout the upcoming month.

CaptainRaz said...

Please consider my blog for your blog roll. My blog has charted my journey from self hatred and dieting to a self accepting HAES mindset. I hope to write more about HAES and size acceptance this year.

If the dieting related posts at the start of the archives are a problem I can add a trigger warning or some such.

thanks! x

JeninCanada said...

Hello! Please consider my blog for your (already quite extensive!) blogroll. I'm a Canadian woman of 'average' or small-fat size. www.fatandnotafraid.viviti is where I'm at and I'm very excited about this Revolution!

(Also, the captcha image made me lol. TRAPP. "It's a trap!" It's only funny if you're a Star Wars geek though.)

Avery Ray Colter said...

Karyn Sanders, host of KPFA's weekly program Herbal Highway, just finished a show on herbs to promote a healthy body image. The archive is at

Anonymous said...


I'd love it if you'd add my blog to the blogroll. Mine is a new blog with the tagline -- Body Acceptance for Beginners.

You can find it here: